One of my favorite things about being here in Oslo as a Peace Scholar has been the people we have been able to meet through the Peace Seminar. In the recent weeks in class, we have been talking a lot about Norway as a moral super power and the Norway’s role in providing humanitarian aid to those in need. This week, we met with Karibu Foundation – a private organization based here in Oslo that supports alternative voices from the Global South. One of their main objectives is to provide economic support for organizations and social movements that work for a just world in the Global South.

Unlike many NGO in Norway that provide humanitarian aid, Karibu is different because they are privately owned and also funds development projects or social movements in order to enhance the South- to – South connection across the globe. I think this is very necessary as this promotes tackling problems by looking at the root causes and after consultation with locals. I also believe this is very important as it emphasizes the solidarity within the states that belong to the Global South.

Apart from getting to know great organizations such as Karibu Foundation, and learning more about what can be done in the area of Peace building and conflict resolution, the next best thing about these meetings are the connections we build during these meetings. So far, we have had the privilege of meeting Henrik Syse, a Senior Researcher at the Peace Research Institute in Oslo as well as many other students here in the International Summer School taking the Peace Research class, who are equally passionate about these issues. At the Karibu Foundation, we met with Tyler Hauger, a St. Olaf alumnus (whoop whoop!) who works as an advisor at the Foundation. This was very inspiring as we got to talk to him a little at the end about the types of work that can be done in this field and paths that can be taken in terms of graduate school.

There are only two more weeks left in Oslo, there is still a lot of people that we will be meeting with and lots of great conversations to have, and be inspired by. I am really looking forward to it.


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