As part of my excursion to Hallingdal today, I rode a ski lift. In the middle of summer. Without a speck of snow in sight. Needless to say, the Montanan in me was quite confused. Why were we going up a ski hill if there was no snow to ski on?

At the top of the hill, I found my answer; the view was absolutely spectacular. A small town was nestled in the valley created by two mountains, and the sky seemed to extend infinitely. (Since one of my favorite idioms in the English language is, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” I attached a picture of where I spent my afternoon. I lack the adjectives to describe it properly.) I trekked around the top of the ski hill, attempting to find the best view. This was a difficult task, as all views of the scenery seemed to be better than the last.
The fact that Norway is beautiful is indisputable. Students from dozens of different countries enjoyed the view together. (I wandered the hill with people from India, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Mexico, and Russia.) Although we came from many different places where nature may look much different than Norway, we could all agree that Norway is pretty pretty.
Andie Palagipic

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