Today marks day 12 in Oslo, and nearly a whole month in Norway for me! Time has flown by – I’ve been exploring, learning, or meeting new people (though most times these activities have happened simultaneously).

As it has also been roughly a month since I attended the Nobel Peace Prize Forum, I decided that it was high time for me to make me way over to the Nobel Peace Center to learn more about past winners. I hoped that this trip might foster some much-needed reflection on what I have learned thus far during my Peace Scholar experience.

I was very satisfied with my trip to the Center – I found the exhibits to be informative and thoughtful. One of the featured exhibits was the winner of the 1935 Nobel Peace Prize, whistleblower Carl von Ossietzky.  Another exhibit was on the the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet. These 2015 Nobel Peace Prize winners were instrumental in bringing political parties together to build a democratic Tunisia after the Arab Spring revolution.

The exhibits at the Center caused me to consider the role of speaking out and listening in the peace-building process. In past courses, I have learned that one must be unafraid to speak their mind in the face of injustice. However, since my time in Lillehammer, I have also learned that engaging in dialogue is just as important in working towards a more peaceful world. We must be able to listen to each other’s truths and experiences in order to foster relationships that allow us to tackle larger injustices. As I progress in my classes and research project, I will continue to think about how I can use dialogue to make the most of my time abroad, and how I can use it as a tool once this program is over.


Katie Black

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