Andie Palagi

The first day of class always seems to have a similar rhythm to it; students file into a classroom and choose a seat, take out notebooks and pens, sip from thermoses of coffee. My international politics course here at the International Summer School was no different.
Upon getting the syllabus for the course, I immediately began to write due dates for assignments and readings in my planner, noting the days where I was particularly interested in the lecture topic. Rather than dreading all the upcoming work, I felt excited to see all that we would be learning. Just one week into courses, I’ve already comfortably and happily fallen into my school-year routine.
As I’ve grown older, I’ve grown past my dread of the summer ending and school beginning. This summer, I was more than excited to go back to class after a two month break from the books. I now realize that my love for learning has grown with me. Being back on the school grind, with ink stains on my hand and a textbook full of highlighted passages, reminds me just how much I enjoy learning. I am still accepting the fact that it’s impossible to know everything (and be a true know-it-all). Although I thought going to college would make me feel more intelligent, I now know how little I know. The feeling is both exciting and humbling.
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