It has been a little over a week since we have been in Oslo now, and we are done with our first week of classes and I just got back from my first excursion trip to Oslo fjord.

I have been taking Scandinavian Government and Politics apart from the Peace Seminar here in ISS. This class has given me the opportunity to study the emergence of Scandinavia and the nation building that has occurred here since its formation. Being a Political Science major, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about the political system in the United States, and taking this class has added to my knowledge as now I can compare the various systems in the US, Scandinavia, and finally my home in Maldives.

We also had our first seminar with our Peace Seminar course instructor Jeff this week. This year’s peace seminar is focused on Peace and Human Rights in Norway and I am really looking forward to the readings and discussions we will have in that seminar.

I spent my first weekend as an ISS student on the Oslo Fjord excursion. The trip was very well planned and we got to see a wide range of cities around Oslo Fjord and experience the ferry rides around the area as well. We started our trip from Verdens Ende and our last stop was Åsgårdstrand. Åsgårdstrand was my favourite stop as we got to spend some time by the shorelines and visit Edvard Munch’s residence there. We also got to experience a ferry ride from Sandefjord, Norway to Strömstad.

So far this experience in Norway has been amazing as I have met people who are both interested sharing their stories and interests, people who welcome with open arms and it has been very inspiring to meet such passionate people. I am really excited for the coming 5 weeks and the things I will learn within those five weeks.

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