Casey Regnier

A Second Paradigm-Shifting Experience

In my first semester of college I took a class called “The Scholar Citizen.” The class was taught by the esteemed Larry Crockett and I had no idea what the class was about, as I merely took it to fulfill a school requirement. After an hour of intimidating jargon and an agenda of seemingly impossible future assignments I left class completely terrified.

Contrary to my fearful first impression, “The Scholar Citizen” was an amazing class that transformed my outlook on life. The class explored history, modernity, Darwinian thinking, religion, and pragmatism among many other academic subjects. The professor posed challenging questions like “What is truth?” and ‘When is death better than life?” Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning I left class knowing less and less about the world.

After painfully surviving “The Scholar Citizen” I thought I had a decent grasp on everything I didn’t know. However, my time in Norway has changed how I fundamentally see the world.

Everyday I’m here I’m uncomfortable, and every day I am more excited to be here. I converse with people from different countries and been exposed to an abundance of new viewpoints. I’ve hiked up mountains that appeared impossible to climb. My new favorite dessert is pavlova. I often hear the same story told with different truths. My class readings make me question everything I’ve ever thought. I’m constantly encountering new experiences laced with new cultural norms and new philosophy. My worldview is growing by the minute. What appears to be a clear-cut truth one day may be contested or utterly rejected the next. Right now my world is anything but certain, I’m far from my comfort zone, and I’m unsteady on my own two feet. And for these reasons, I’ve never felt more curious.

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